All of our veterinarians are experienced in surgery. As a result, you can come to us for most surgeries, as well as laparoscopic sterilizations. For more specialized procedures, you may need to be referred to the Medical Center for Animals in Amsterdam.


It is necessary for your dog or cat to come to surgery sober. Specifically, he/she should not have eaten or drunk for at least 12 hours beforehand. If this is not the case, vomiting often occurs when anesthesia is initiated, which can result in asphyxiation or pneumonia.


Because the treatment will take place under anesthesia, your pet will be completely checked beforehand. Anesthesia is always adjusted according to your animal’s breed, age and any medical history/conditions. To make this as safe as possible and because not all problems are externally detectable, we also offer a pre-anesthetic blood test. This can give us vital information to adjust anesthesia or not.

During surgery, a paraveterinarian is always present to monitor your pet under anesthesia. With monitoring and ventilation equipment and gas anesthesia, each treatment is carefully supervised.


After surgery, your pet may sleep in a heated room under supervision. When he/she and if he/she is sufficiently awake and can maintain a normal body temperature, you will be called to arrange a pick-up time. Further aftercare will be reviewed with you verbally and in writing at pickup.
Depending on the procedure, there is a wound checkup 7 to 14 days later with possible sutures removal. This is completely free of charge. If you have any concerns after surgery, be sure to contact us by phone earlier.