New rules chipping and registering dogs

Every year, about 50,000 dogs are brought to the Netherlands from abroad. Unfortunately, much of this trade is illegal and we often see that the puppies are separated from their mothers too young and transported under poor conditions and arrive in Holland sick/weak. This leads not only to the death of many puppies, but also to the transmission of infectious diseases, including those that can pass to humans. To better control this dog trade, there are new rules for registering dogs and the people involved in their purchase.

Thus, if you (re)purchase a dog after Nov. 1, 2021, have a litter/breed or bring a dog from abroad, new rules will apply.

Until now, the regulations were already that a dog can only be bought/sold/imported if the animal is microchipped and registered and has an EU animal passport. And there was already a registration requirement for commercial pet owners.

On top of that now, in addition to the current owner, the dog’s first owner must also register. So not only breeders, but also people who have a dog that gets a (one-time) litter, get a dog from abroad or take over a dog from someone else must register. The owner or keeper does this by applying for a Unique Business Number (UBN) for dogs not kept on a business basis at Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) on the website

This also means that all veterinarians in the Netherlands are prohibited by law from chipping your dog, registering it in a portal and issuing a passport if you have not applied for a UBN. A prospective owner should check when buying a dog that the dog is microchipped, registered and has an EU pet passport. If you as the new owner get a dog that does not meet these conditions, you are in violation.

Did you accidentally buy a dog without registration or get scammed with a fake passport? If so, you must apply for a UBN yourself at Then, within 2 weeks, have your new dog chipped by the veterinarian and registered at one of the designated portals. Learn more about registration:

If you already had a dog before Nov. 1, 2021, there is no requirement to purchase an EU pet passport. Unless you travel abroad with your dog or sell or transfer your dog to a new owner after the start of the new regulations.

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