The cost of consultation, treatment, medications, surgery, etc. must be paid for at the end of your visit. This can be done in cash or by card. In case of extensive research or surgery, you can have the cost calculated in advance. Our (treatment) agreements are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the Royal Dutch Society for Veterinary Medicine, filed with the Clerk of the District Court in Utrecht under number 02/192.
We do not work on account.

Canceling an appointment

Of course, it can happen that you are suddenly unable to attend, of course we understand this. However, we do schedule a doctor, time and space for your pet. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate it if you would give at least 24 hours notice in a timely manner if you are unable to attend. If there is an emergency situation that leaves you unable to do anything about it, we will of course understand and not charge you. For appointments not cancelled or not cancelled in time, we are obliged to charge a fee, of at least one consultation price. We ask for your understanding in this regard.


Due to pharmacy quality control and Dutch legislation, medications cannot be returned. However, you can submit them to us for destruction free of charge.

Telephone consultation

Sometimes problems can also be discussed over the phone. Depending on the nature and duration of the conversation, a fee may be charged for this.


Consultation: 57.00,-
Consultation + Cocktail/ Cat-nee disease: 84.50.-
Consultation + Cocktail + Kennel Cough: 109.50,-
Consultation + Rabies: 99.50.

Castration male cat: 99.50.
Female castration: 197.50,-

Castration rattle/bear: 135.50.
Castration feeder/sow: 195.50,-

Price is an estimate and may be slightly higher or lower
Castration Male:
<15 kg: 360.
15-25 kg: 400,-
25-40 kg: 450.
>40 kg: 500,-

Castration Bitch:
<15 kg: 550.
15-25 kg: 600,-
25-40 kg: 650,-
>40 kg: 730.

Dental cleaning standard 30 min: 245,- ex. pain relief, ex. extractions